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✨🌶️ WINNER Downtown Ithaca Chili Festival 2024 ✨🌶️

This Aztec-inspired ganache pays homage to the origins of ceremonial chocolate. Dark chocolate with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cayenne, a 2 tablespoon serving melts perfectly into a mug of warm milk for the most decadent and comforting hot chocolate you’ve ever tasted. (Non dairy milks too!)

Every tub of ganache contains enough chocolate to make 16 cups of hot chocolate. (We recommend 2T to 8oz of milk.)

This hot chocolate won 🥇 the “best chili-inspired item” category at the Downtown Ithaca Chili Fest! Take some home to experience the magic in your own kitchen. 🔥

The Chariot Ganache

  • This item is available for pickup at the Ithaca Farmers market ONLY. Oracle Chocolates will not ship this item.

    This item contains DAIRY. There is a small amount of milk powder in the dark chocolate we purchase, though the bulk of the ganache is made with coconut milk. People with lactose sensitivity have often reported success with this product, but vegans and those with actual milk allergies should avoid it.

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